Prevent Teen Homelessness - On my own - AUD $20

Cara at MacKillop

Prevent Teen Homelessness - On my own

We do not want our good work to be undone.

Cara at MacKillop assists young women aged between 12-18 who have suffered trauma and abuse to meet the challenges of their life. Cara believes all young women in residential care require unconditional love, guidance and support whilst their day to day physical, psychological and spiritual needs are met within a safe homely environment.


On turning 18, these young women are ‘On their Own’ – and face the challenges of setting up a home and all the financial commitments this brings, such as; rent, amenities and subsequent budgeting to support themselves.

Whilst Cara at MacKillop assists emotionally through our Outreach Program and they are given some funds (from the Department of Health & Human Services) to purchase big ticket items such as a bed, the funds do not stretch very far and often run out before general house hold items are sourced. Items that make a house a home, things they probably have taken for granted as always being there – such as kitchen utensils, pots and pans, food containers, towels, extension cords and so on.

Cara  at MacKillop needs donations towards providing each young women with these essential items as well as a suitcase for their life’s journey ahead. Lets keep these girls safe and in their own home.