CARE Australia

CARE Australia is a leading international aid organisation that works around the globe to save lives and defeat poverty. We know we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

We put women and girls at the heart of our work. Their access to equal opportunities represents a powerful and effective opportunity to end extreme poverty. When one woman escapes poverty, she will bring four others with her.

We share with our supporters the desire for everyone to have a fair chance in life, an equal opportunity. Your donation can help end extreme poverty and give people the means to build a better future for themselves.

Your donation will help save lives. It will fight poverty and create a more equal world for everyone. It could send a girl to school, help a woman start a small business, help families recover when emergency strikes or help install village water systems.

CARE Australia's impact over the last year:

We assisted over 2.1 million people across 28 countries

We responded to 13 emergencies across 19 countries

968,000 people received humanitarian assistance

85 cents in every $1 spent went to our programs

94% of our staff are local to the country they work in


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AUD $10

School Books

Every child deserves to learn to read. You can help provide school books to a child in their native language so they can learn an important life sk... Read More

AUD $17

A Blackboard

A lot of us don’t need much encouragement to share out wisdom with others. Well, here’s some wisdom that can be sent right across the world. A blac... Read More

AUD $30

Syrian Refugee Crisis ($30)

$30 can help provide a woman with a hygiene kit.  Seven years of conflict in Syria and the UN have stopped counting the dead. Best estimates s... Read More

AUD $30

Myanmar Bangladesh Crisis ($30)

Help provide emergency shelter and food today. Conflict in Rakhine State, Myanmar has affected over one million people and over 600,000 have fled t... Read More

AUD $35

Covid-19 Emergency Response - Help Stop ...

CARE Australia is working to stop COVID-19 spreading in the most remote and poverty-stricken places on earth, including in crowded refugee camps.&#... Read More

AUD $40

Help Families Experiencing Hunger ($40)

Help provide food, clean water and medicine. Famine has been declared in parts of South Sudan. Somalia is also on the brink of famine with ten... Read More