Black Dog Institute

Putting Health in Mind

The Black Dog Institute is a not-for-profit organisation and research institute dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by poor mental health.

We are internationally recognised as pioneers in the diagnosis, early intervention, prevention and treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. We are also at the forefront of suicide prevention, and prominent in the delivery of treatments and programs using mobile and online technologies (e-Health).

Our unique approach incorporates clinical services with cutting-edge research, health professional training and education programs to workplaces, schools and the community. We combine expertise in clinical treatments with innovative research, to develop new and more effective strategies for people living with mental disorders.

We place emphasis on empowering people in the community to recognise the symptoms of poor mental health in themselves and others, and providing them with evidence-based tools and programs to enable them to live mentally healthier lives.

By reducing the incidence of mental illness, promoting mental wellbeing and reducing stigma, we can help people to reach their full potential and ultimately save lives.


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AUD $25

Ptsd In Emergency Workers

Every six weeks in Australia, another first responder takes their own life. Your gift of $25 will help help fund research and programs into me... Read More

AUD $50

Community Education Program

Your gift of $50 will help the Black Dog Institute with their Community Education Program. This program aims to enhance the community's underst... Read More

AUD $50

Community Resource Centre

Help the Black Dog Institute with the running of their Community Resource Centre. The Community Resource Centre is open to all members of the commu... Read More

AUD $100

Rural Program

Your gift may enable Black Dog Institute to expand their rural programs - including community forums, providing help, support and resources for suf... Read More

AUD $100

Help Treat Mood Disorders

Your donation could be used for Black Dog clinics, which provide diagnosis and treatment for sufferers of depression and bipolar disorder. Read More

AUD $500

Help Research Into Mood Disorders

Black Dog's ground breaking research into the cause and treatments of depression and bipolar disorder is ongoing and your generous donation may... Read More