Take Two an intensive therapuetic response to family violence and neglect - AUD $20

Berry Street

Take Two an intensive therapuetic response to family violence and neglect

Take Two is an intensive therapeutic service for infants, children and young people who have suffered trauma, neglect and disrupted attachment. It provides high quality therapeutic services for families, as well as contributing to the service system that provides care, support and protection for these children.

We know that care alone is not sufficient to help children and young people recover from the trauma of family violence, abuse and neglect. Take Two works intensively with the distressed child or young person, and their carers, families and teachers, to help them understand their pain and learn to trust again.

Bella’s story

Bella* is only three years old, but her short life has already been marked by family violence. Last year, when Bella’s mother Erin* was eight months pregnant with her baby sister, Erin was assaulted so badly that her hip was broken. 

Berry Street provided an immediate crisis response to Erin as she decided to leave her partner.  We developed a plan to keep her and the children safe, arranging for emergency housing until she could move in with family members. 

Bella showed significant signs of trauma from witnessing the severe, ongoing violence towards her mother. Her confusion and fear were overwhelming. She couldn’t sleep at night and Erin struggled to settle her when she herself was so unsettled. 

Berry Street’s trained counsellors worked with Bella and Erin to understand the effects of the trauma they had experienced, to help them feel safe again and have a better understanding of what Bella will need in the coming months to recover. 

Erin is hoping to return to her studies after the court cases against her former partner are over, as she wants to find work so she can provide for her children on her own. 


In the last year we were able to work with over 5,500 women and children affected by family violence. 


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