Berry Street

Berry Street

Berry Street chooses to work with children, young people and families with the most challenging and complex needs, including those for whom we are the last resort.

These children and young people have suffered great distress and significant harm growing up in families where violence,chronic neglect, substance abuse, mental illness and poverty have prevented them from having a good childhood.


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Berry Street Therapy Dogs

Children bond quickly and closely to animals and tend to confide in them. Therapy animals, such as dogs, have contributed to countless health, soci... Read More

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Foster Care

Foster and Kinship care are ways of providing family life for a child in your own home when they are unable to live with their birth family.  ... Read More

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Healing Childhood Trauma

We help children heal and recover from the trauma of abuse and neglect through therapeutic programs and counselling. Your support can help Berry St... Read More

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Help Us Advocate For Children

Since our formation in 1877 Berry Street has had a commitment not just to the provision of social services but to social change. Amongst our advoca... Read More

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Open Place Is For All Victorian Forgotte...

Open Place is a support and advocacy service that co-ordinates and provides direct assistance to address the needs of people who grew up in Victori... Read More

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Caring Dads Program

Caring Dads Plus is a ground-breaking program that ensures children who are still in contact with their fathers after abuse or violence, feel safer... Read More