Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services

Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services (BAWCS), 'was founded in 2003 and is located 20 minutes north of Bendigo CBD on 30 acres of land.

As Central Victoria’s only no kill shelter, we provide a safe, caring and enriched environment through our Dog Foster Care / Adoption Program and our Adoption Cattery, with capacity to care for up to 70 cats and kittens.

We also provide sanctuary to over 75 farm animals, as part of our Farm Friends Program.

Our unique community programs offer support for disadvantaged pet owners in a variety of ways, to ensure a positive outcome for both pets & their owners.

BAWCS advocates for the safety & wellbeing of all animals, by providing education and support to the community in responsible pet ownership, and providing information on a range of animal welfare issues.

BAWCS 'caring with compassion'


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Puppy Love

BAWCS often has puppies surrendered to our Shelter. These puppies go into foster care to ensure they get everything they need for a great start to ... Read More

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Cat Comfort

BAWCS operates Central Victoria's first ever established "No Kill" Animal Shelter which means we can have cats in our care for even y... Read More

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Environmental Enrichment & Training For ...

Your donation will go towards ensuring our dogs are happy whilst in our care awaiting their new homes. Environmental enrichment includes training e... Read More

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Hen Happiness

BAWCS saves the lives of those that are at risk of slaughter.  These include hens in the egg industry. Pictured is a hen saved from being kill... Read More

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Porcine Peace

BAWCS Sanctuary has 7 happy pigs in care.  Porcini, Truffelina, Smokey, Slick, Annie and Ollie all have their own story to tell.  You can... Read More

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Responsible Pet Ownership Education And ...

BAWCS believes one of the main reasons animals end up in Shelters and Pounds in the first place is due to lack of understanding of the responsibili... Read More