Autism Advisory And Support Service

Autism Advisory and Support Service (AASS) are a not for profit charity founded in 2007. In a short time they have expanded to assist families around Australia with the only 24 hour Autism hotline in the Southern Hemisphere. They also host a range of programs including Early Years Therapy Play Group, Social Skills Groups, Young Adult Social Group, School Outreach, Art play with a qualified art therapist , music therapy and individual therapies.

AASS support parents and carers in our drop in centre with monthly support groups in English and Arabic. AASS also sell affordable sensory toys and resources.

AASS have a partnership with various Universities and Tafes, including Western Sydney Uni Campbelltown School of Medicine where we show 3rd year Medical students what the realities of Autism are for the whole family, not just the person with the diagnosis.

Our Mission:

*To empower children with Autism and their families through knowledge and support.

*To positively impact and influence their social and emotional development.


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AUD $5

Autism Art Group

Individuals with Autism tend to show a natural ability for art. It is the perfect medium to communicate their world and their feelings, in particul... Read More

AUD $10

Ipads For Communication

Many individuals with Autism are non verbal. The frustration of not being able to communicate their needs often results in violent behaviours and m... Read More

AUD $15

24 Hour Autism Hotline

AASS provide the only 24 Hour Autism Hotline in the Southern Hemisphere. You can call and discuss any concerns or questions you may have whether yo... Read More

AUD $20

Social Skills Therapy Group

The Social Skills Therapy Group is aimed at 7-15 year old children with Autism. They are placed in small with other children of similar ages and ab... Read More

AUD $25

Covid-19 Family Support

We support the mental health of families living with Autism deal with Covid-19 and all the changes it brings.  There has been an increase in d... Read More

AUD $25

Sensory Toy Pack

Therapy through play is an important and affordable part of Autism interventions. Many of our children with sensory processing disorder cannot cope... Read More