Australian Pituitary Foundation Ltd

Australian Pituitary Foundation Ltd

The Australian Pituitary Foundation Ltd was established in 1994 in Sydney by pituitary patients and family members, with the support of Australian endocrinologists, neurosurgeons, radiation therapists and endocrine nurses, who saw the need to support people who had experienced rare conditions of the pituitary gland. The Foundation is now a national organisation with main branches in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

The Foundation is run from home offices by a dedicated committee who are volunteers, who usually have pituitary conditions themselves or are relatives of members.

Our organisation is funded by pharmaceutical company sponsorship, donations and membership fees, and we do not receive government funding.

The Australian Pituitary Foundation supports and assists adults, children and families who have been affected by pituitary disease and tumours. The pituitary gland is sometimes referred to as the master gland – it controls all the other endocrine glands within the body – an upset to the fine balance of these hormones can be potentially devastating. Research shows that up to 1000 people per million have a clinical significant pituitary disorder, whilst other pituitary diseases are rare, therefore there is a strong need within the community for awareness and education. The APF facilitates this through Pituitary Awareness Week which is held annually in July.

The APF produces a quarterly newsletter, presents information seminars and social events for members and the community. We endeavour to increase public and medical professional awareness of pituitary gland conditions.

Therefore the APF has been very appreciative of the assistance that has been offered to us by goodcompany volunteers, to help us meet our goals and the needs of our membership.


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