Australian Children's Music Foundation

“The Australian Children’s Music Foundation programs are designed to bring joy and inspiration to the lives of children and youth who are on the wrong side of advantage. Children who have been abused, neglected, traumatised. Children who are ‘lost’. Music enhances creativity and imagination, self-esteem and self-expression. You need all of these attributes if you are to change your life for the better.” ~ Don Spencer OAM, Founder

Music lessons provide a wide scope of opportunity for all students. For the reluctant learner, it provides a non-threatening and fun way to participate in learning. For the overly energetic student, it provides an outlet for that boundless energy and for the the student requiring discipline, it provides a powerful carrot to reward them for managing their impulsivity. All of these benefits positively impact on student learning outcomes.

Over recent years, research has proven that the integration of music in a child's education reaps intellectual, cultural and social benefits; however music is no longer compulsory within state schools. Did you know that over 75% of public schools in Australia do not have a specialist music teacher?

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