Australian Childhood Foundation

We help children to heal from the trauma of abuse, neglect and family violence through specialist therapeutic care.

We work to give back to children something that should never have been taken away in the first place; their childhood.

Child abuse and neglect can damage children to the very core of their being.

As much as children grow and thrive in healthy relationships, they wither and disconnect in destructive ones.

Through supporting our work you will be making a difference in the lives of abused children.

We look forward to updating you with the impact your support will have.


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AUD $2

Parenting Seminars

Your gift of $2 will help us to run seminars to help parents raise happy and confident children free from the trauma and devastation of abuse. Read More

AUD $5

Phone Support

Your gift of $5 can contribute towards direct phone support to carers in need of immediate assistance. Read More

AUD $35

Specialist Counselling

Your gift of $35 will us help provide a child with much needed counselling support to help them begin to recover from the devastation of child abuse. Read More

AUD $75

Home Visit

Your gift of $75 will help us to provide a home visit and direct family counselling. Read More

AUD $150

Direct Support And Training For Carers

Your gift of $150 will help us to train and support carers of extremely vulnerable children who can no longer live with their families to insure th... Read More