Cotton Tail and Friends - AUD $5

Australian Animal Rescue

Cotton Tail and Friends

More and more bunnies are being found dumped, and are coming to us for a safe place to stay while looking for their furever homes!! We need your help to offer fresh hay and veggies along with their food and water to keep them healthy and growing!! 

Your generous gift will help to feed and house and bunny or Guinea Pig!!

About Australian Animal Rescue:

  • To provide direct care, sanctuary, veterinary care, triage, a wild life hospital and other services, as well as, long and short-term care for all animals in need of protection  including those animals which are sick, injured, stray, orphaned, abandoned, neglected or which have suffered from mistreatment or cruelty.

  • To aid in the recovery of sick or injured native wildlife and all other animals.

  • To relocate rehabilitated animals into suitable permanent homes, or in the case of wildlife, to release the rehabilitated animals into a suitable bushland environment.

  • To maintain a skilled and specialised animal emergency rescue service for the South Eastern suburbs, Mornington Peninsula and surrounding suburbs.

  • To help other animal shelters by sharing volunteers, equipment, information and supplies whenever and wherever possible.

  • To provide and maintain an education program based on the principles of animal welfare, in addition to a conservation program - both directed towards a variety of ages/groups.

  • To develop a gift fund aimed specically at raising money from gifts and donations in order to fund equipment, supplies and veterinary costs.

  • To provide disaster relief throughout Australia as needed