Australia for UNHCR

Australia for UNHCR

Australia for UNHCR is an Australian charity that raises funds to support the work of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Our aim is to help Australians change the lives of refugees and displaced people around the world.

Australia for UNHCR gifts provide emergency relief for refugees and helps them prepare for the future. Emergency relief items such as food and water and investment items such as tents, seeds and tools continue to support refugee families, long after the gift has been given.

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AUD $12.50

Jerry Cans

$12.50 can buy five jerry cans that enable a refugee to collect clean water. Clean water is often in short supply in refugee camps, so it’s importa... Read More

AUD $25

Emergency Blankets And Sleeping Mats

You can give a family who has been forced to flee their home, leaving everything they own behind, warmth and comfort on arrival at a refugee camp. Read More

AUD $39

Sports Equipment

Simple sports equipment can make a huge difference to refugee children just by giving them the opportunity to play and learn. Sport and recreation ... Read More

AUD $41

New Baby Delivery Kit

Provides safe delivery services for approximately 10 refugee women by giving a New Baby Delivery Kit of a plastic sheet, clean blade, soap, string,... Read More

AUD $45

Waterproof Tarpaulin Sheets

$45 is enough to provide a plastic tarpaulin sheet to help waterproof 3 family shelters against rain or snow this winter Read More

AUD $50

Buy A $50 Cash Lifeline

Cash assistance is critical to help refugees who are taking shelter in cities, and is a highly cost-efficient and secure way to help a family of re... Read More