Feed one koala for two weeks - AUD $20

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Feed one koala for two weeks

Did you know Australia has the worst mammalian extinction rate compared to any other country in the world? What is even more appalling is our national icon – the cute and lovable koala – is fast becoming part of this statistic. Koala populations are being decimated due to habitat loss, motor vehicle accidents, domestic pet attacks and most disturbingly disease.

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, located near Australia Zoo at Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, is a state-of-the-art veterinary facility. The hospital first opened in 2004, and is a world leader in veterinary care and wildlife conservation.

The hospital treats every kind of native animal you can imagine, from our uniquely Australian marsupials, kangaroos, possums and gliders to reptiles from both the land and sea. Literally thousands of native birds are also treated but by far our most specialised and iconic patients are koalas. Almost 1,000 koalas came through our doors last year. The hospital – the largest of its kind in the world - has a team of 4 veterinary surgeons, 14 veterinary nurses and 2 administration staff. The team is dedicated to the treatment of wildlife and to returning them fit and healthy back to their natural environment.

Your gift of $20 will feed one koala in our care for two weeks. The feeding pack for an orphaned koala joey includes a bottle, teat and syringe.