Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors was established by Steve and Terri Irwin in 2002 as a way to include other passionate people to join them in the care and protection of wildlife, habitat and the environment. Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors is on the front line of wildlife conservation, helping to protect threatened or endangered species within Australia and around the world.

Our mission is to be the most effective wildlife conservation charity in the world through the delivery of outstanding outcome-based programs and projects, inclusive of humanity.

Our current conservation projects include:

- The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Beerwah QLD

- The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, Far North QLD

- Cheetah Conservation, South Africa

- Tiger Conservation, Sumatra

- Elephant Conservation, Asia

- Black Rhino Conservation, Kenya

- Tasmanian Devil Conservation, Australia

Anyone can be a Wildlife Warrior! Give the gift of Karma towards one of our conservation projects or visit www.wildlifewarriors


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AUD $20

Feed One Koala For Two Weeks

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Buy Medical Supplies For Wildlife Patien...

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AUD $70

Pay For Veterinary Costs For One Injured...

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AUD $150

Save One Tiger In The Wild For 30 Days

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AUD $400

Support Elephant Conservation For One Da...

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