Animal Aid

Animal Aid

Animal Aid is passionate about giving each and every animal that comes through our doors a second chance.

Each year Animal Aid assists around 6,000 lost or abandoned pets find new homes. During their time with us, these animals need quality food, regular veterinary check-ups and lots of mental and physical ‘exercise’ to get them into top shape and keep them there. Through the promotion of responsible pet ownership and provision of the highest standard of care, Animal Aid is dedicated to improving the welfare of companion pets in our society.

Animal Aid is an organisation uniquely placed to assist animals in times of trouble, Animal Aid is an organisation that chooses to be great, not big!

All donations and gifts help us to achieve the best in animal care, every bit of support is greatly appreciated.


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AUD $10

Pets In Peril

Pets in Peril is a very important program that offers temporary accommodation to the pets of the victims of domestic violence.   Animals are, ... Read More

AUD $10

Blanket Drive

You can help Animal Aid to keep the many animals in our care warm this winter by donating to our blanket fund. We need a plentiful supply of warm b... Read More

AUD $15

Cat And Kitten Food Fund

Animal Aid’s cattery is temporary home to many cats and kittens all year round. During Kitten Season (November-April) we can be home to as many as ... Read More

AUD $150

Desex A Pet Fund

Animal Aid experiences the tragedy of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies in pets on a daily basis. Desexing is one of the best ways we can address ... Read More

AUD $250

Special Surgery Fund

Animal Aid often receives animals that require more specialised attention, whether they have been involved in an accident, born with a congenital d... Read More