Clothing Parcel for Babies and Children - AUD $57

Act for Peace

Clothing Parcel for Babies and Children

When refugees flee they often leave everything behind: their homes, belongings and jobs. Arriving in temporary camps they are in desperate need of shelter, clothing, water and food -, and it can be years before it is safe to return home.

Jordan hosts more than 650,000 of Syria’s refugees. Unsettled and facing challenges in securing work, hundreds of thousands of refugees struggle to provide for their families.  This gift provides essential clothing to babies and children to keep them warm and protected while they wait to return safely home.

“I thank the Australian people and I am always praying for them because they gave my family and all Syrians great hope.”– Amira* Syrian refugee

*Amira's name has been changed to protect her identity as a refugee.

 Photo: Ben Littlejohn/Act for Peace