Aboriginal Children's Advancement Soc

Aboriginal Children's Advancement Soc

Over the past 40 years many young Aboriginal people have been given the opportunity to advance their lives and obtain a level of education which has helped them to achieve their goals. In 1967 Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society (ACAS) opened its first Kirinari Aboriginal Student hostel at Sylvania, New South Wales. This was closely followed by another Kirinari at Garden Suburb, Newcastle. Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society supports Aboriginal children and youth in the areas of Education and Progress towards a worthwhile and productive future ensuring the fulfilment of ambition, talent and initiative.


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AUD $40


Tutoring senior school students per hour. Hayley is trying hard with her studies but it is difficult in a hostel with thirty students of different ... Read More

AUD $50

Balls For Bonalbo

Sporting Equipment Needed A remote public Central School in a low socio economic area of the New England District is in need of sporting equipment ... Read More

AUD $80

High School Starter Kit

Our tutor supervisor, Rosie, has devised a "high school starter kit" for our Aboriginal students. Forty at Sylvania and Newcastle will st... Read More

AUD $165

Senior First Aid Course

A Senior First Aid course will be offered to Year 11 and Year 12 students enabling them to obtain the necessary skills to perform first aid in an e... Read More