A donation of $18 will purchase test tubes and glassware for testing tissue and blood samples.  Donors who permit recognition will be named as "Test tube Supporters" on AUSiMED's website.

Donations are used to develop a critically-needed new breast cancer treatment for women with breast cancer which is resistant to all forms of treatment.  These women have no prospect of survival. In Australia, this is around 20% of breast cancer patients (approx.3000 deaths in 2011).

Surviving breast cancer is an issue particularly for women with inherited BRCA1 or 2 mutated genes. The tumors tend to become resistant to all forms of treatment.

Angelina Jolie inherited a BRCA1 mutated gene. Her risk of getting breast cancer from this mutated gene was over 90% and the risk of getting ovarian cancer was over 50%. Because women with this mutated gene tend to be resistant to all forms of treatment, Angelina had both her breasts and her ovaries removed to prevent getting breast and ovarian cancer.

Inherited BRCA1 and 2 mutated genes is a major issue for the Jewish community as 1 in 40 (2.5%) of Ashkenazi Jewish women worldwide carry the mutated genes which is 10 times more prevalent amongst Ashkenazi Jews than the rest of the population.

AUSiMED have identified an outstanding research team in Australia at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne and in Israel at the Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv with exceptional track records of success.   Together they have developed an exciting collaborative research project to find out how breast cancers become resistant to treatments and to work out how to stop this resistance process.

The project is so impressive that the Australian team have been recently awarded with two years of funding for the proposed project by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. As a result, AUSiMED are now seeking to raise funds for the Israeli team, so they can also get started on the project.