AUSiMED (Australia/Israel Medical Research) is about the power of medical research collaboration – combining the innovation and medical strengths of Australia and Israel, two countries that “punch well about their weight” with achievements in medical research.

We are an item 1 deductible gift recipient (DGR1) health promotion charity who achieves our collaborative research goals by seeking out and arranging medical research collaborations between Australian and Israeli scientists from any research institution and raising funds for these activities.

We fund short visits to Israel, for scientists to set up collaborations as well as PhD’s, Clinical and Research Fellowships for scientists to go to Israel or come to Australia, larger research projects, educational events for scientists and health awareness events for the public..

We hope you can share the AUSiMED vision and help make a difference to Australia and Israel’s medical research.


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AUD $18

Critical Breast Cancer Research Funded B...

A donation of $18 will purchase test tubes and glassware for testing tissue and blood samples.  Donors who permit recognition w... Read More

AUD $25

Ausimed Funds A Critical Research For Br...

A donation of $25 will fund one hour for a post-doctoral Fellow. Donors, who permit recognition, will be named as "Post-Doc Supporters" o... Read More

AUD $50

Please Help Ausimed Fund Critical New Br...

A donation of $50 will be used for reagents for undertaking blood and tumor sample tests for 1 week.  Donors who permit recognition will ... Read More

AUD $100

Help Ausimed Fund Critical New Research ...

Your donation of $100 will fund 1 day of a researcher's time. Donors who permit recognition will be named as Research Supporters on t... Read More