AIME Mentoring

AIME provides a dynamic educational program that gives Indigenous high school students the skills, opportunities, belief and confidence to finish school at the same rate as their peers.

AIME has proven to dramatically improve the chances of Indigenous kids finishing school. In 2015, AIME kids achieved 93.7% Year 12 attainment, beating the non-Indigenous rate of 86.5% and the Indigenous rate of 58.5%.

AIME also connects our students with post Year 12 opportunities, including further education, training and employment.

We believe that Indigenous equals success and our kids are encouraged to reach for the stars.

With your help, we will be reaching 10,000 Indigenous high school kids a year by 2018.


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AUD $20

Year 9 Program | Pathways To Success

This donation goes towards the Year 9 Pathways to Success module where students are introduced to Indigenous role models in a variety of fields inc... Read More

AUD $25

Year 10 Program | Mentors For Life

This donation goes towards the Mentors For Life module where our Year 10 kids are prompted to step up and become mentors in their communities, scho... Read More

AUD $30

Year 10 Program | Drug And Alcohol Safe ...

This donation helps AIME create a safe space for our Year 10 students to discuss the impacts of drugs and alcohol. Read More

AUD $40

Year 9 Program | Identity And Art

This donation goes towards our Year 9 art modules around identity and Indigenous success. The first gives the kids an opportunity to tell their sto... Read More

AUD $50

Year 11 Program | Year 12 Transition Pla...

This donation goes towards the Pathway Planning module where Year 11 students create a plan for the next 12 months. Read More

AUD $60

Year 11 Program | Happy 60Th Birthday

This donation goes towards the Happy 60th session where our Year 11 mentees think about what traits and qualities they want to be remembered for. Read More