300 Blankets

300 Blankets

300 Blankets is a not for profit charity providing the caring warmth of friendship and protective warmth of blankets to people experiencing homelessness in Victoria.

We work together with a range of support groups and charities to make a significant difference in the lives of the people at risk or experiencing homelessness through our mission of keeping our community warm.

In addition, we are constantly exploring new ways to reach the greater Victorian community. Through working with schools and universities, we have to developed educational programs to teach and inspire the wider community to contribute and make a difference.


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AUD $5

Volunteer Hygiene

As a volunteer organisation, we take volunteer health and safety seriously. This will assist in purchasing volunteer hygiene products such as hand ... Read More

AUD $10

Basic Food

Provide basic food to people experience or at risk of homelessness. We always carry bananas and non-perishable food products during out Outreach ni... Read More

AUD $15

Message In A Blanket

Provide the warmth and friendship of blankets to a person experiencing homelessness. Our blankets will come wrapped with a personalised message to ... Read More

AUD $20

Basic Care Pack

Provide a pack of essential products for a person experiencing or at risk of homeless Some people we meet already have some personal belongings but... Read More

AUD $35

Full Care Package

We often meet people who do not have any material posssesesions. The full care package ensures we can provide basic essentials including a blanket,... Read More

AUD $60

Half An Outreach Night

The average cost for an outreach night is $120. This will help fund half an outreach night. Read More