scosa, the Spastic Centres of SA Inc

scosa, the Spastic Centres of SA Inc

Gone Camping - Do you remember what it was like to go on a camp?

Not being able to sleep the night before, checking your bags to make sure you’d packed your favourite things, dreaming of outdoor adventures, cooking an outback feast, singing songs around the fire, sleeping under the stars.

Now our clients can share that same excitement as they prepare to go on camp.

To get them there, we need your help.

Your support will help buy a sleeping bag, cooking equipment - all the ingredients for a great camping adventure!

As you go to bed tonight, we hope you sleep even more soundly than usual, knowing you have helped to send a young South Australian with disabilities on a camp – simple enough, but to them, it’s the chance to play, care, laugh and enjoy – don’t we all deserve to do that?!

Choose your gift: A star to gaze at, A fire to sing songs by, Marshmallows to toast, A ray of sun at dawn, A quiet moment with a kangaroo, A torch for night tours, A sleeping bag to curl up in.



Unfortunately, this charity has not registered with us to receive donations.