Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Windana is a leading provider of residential and community based alcohol and drug treatment programs. We assist both youth and adults, as they look for new ways of living beyond the harmful effects of dependency. Established in 1984, as a not-for-profit organisation, we are proud to have the long term patronage of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, AC DBE. Each year over 1000 people participate in a comprehensive range of treatments aimed at helping them to rebuild their lives. Success begins with walking in the door and over time, clients can achieve real change and growth through reconnecting with their family, their friends and their community. We are committed to family friendly practices and supporting clients with complex needs, including mental health issues. Windana lights a path at the crossroad for people who are seeking professional support to create a new life - one that is free of problematic alcohol and drug use.


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Recreational Equipment

Recreational Equipment - $15

Healthy recreational activities are an important part of all of our residential programs. $15.00 donations will enable our residential clients to e... Read More
Art Therapy

Art Therapy - $35

Art Therapy provides a creative outlet for Windana’s clients - a way to express thoughts and emotions too difficult to put into words. Many clients... Read More
Complementary Therapies for Clients

Complementary Therapies for Clients - $35

Windana's holistic treatment approach includes provision of a range of complementary therapies to our clients. The professional practitioners o... Read More