Wesley Mission NSW

For over 200 years Wesley Mission have pioneered a diverse range of services that address the needs of the whole person, not just their current challenges.

Thanks to more than 2,000 staff, over 3,000 volunteers and many supporters—in addition to strong Federal and NSW Government partnerships—these services now cater to a broad spectrum of the community, from children, youth, and families, to older people and carers, to anyone struggling with financial or domestic challenges, homelessness, addiction or mental health issues.


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AUD $39

A Phone Call Can Save A Life

Wesley Mission’s Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland services answer more than 100 crisis calls every day. $39 could cover all the costs associated wi... Read More

AUD $79

More Than A Bed

A bed provides comfort and warmth but a bed is only the beginning. $79 could provide a night’s accommodation in a lockable room, warm meals and all... Read More

AUD $129

Emergency Food And Groceries

Families in crisis often go without food and other essential groceries. $129 could give a family of four on the brink of homelessness essential foo... Read More

AUD $179

Education Support

Nearly one in three young people who have been in foster care are unemployed. $179 could cover costs of tools or textbooks for a young person leavi... Read More

AUD $290

Community-Based Suicide Prevention

$290 could fund a suicide prevention for 10 people, training them to recognise when someone is at risk of suicide and to understand how to support ... Read More

AUD $549

A Safe Place To Stay

No child should experience the nightmare of homelessness. $549 could give a family in crisis a safe place to stay for one week. Read More