International Childrens Care Australia

International Children’s Care Australia is an international development organisation based in Australia, working with international partners to alleviate poverty and build a brighter future for destitute children in developing countries.

The needs around our world are immense. One person dies every three seconds from a preventable cause such as TB, malaria, HIV/AIDS or hunger. ICC Australia has adopted an approach that is somewhat unique. Our focus is split between programs that bring great outcomes under the banners of Child Protection and Sustainable Livelihoods.

ICC Australia supports development initiatives that focus on the critical needs of destitute children and the communities in which they live. A safe, healthy and nurturing environment is essential to ensure that children and young people integrate into their communities as mature and self-sufficient adults who in turn are able to make a positive contribution to their community.

A three-year old orphaned boy cannot look after himself. Even into their teen years, children without family support are at-risk and perhaps even more so if a safe environment is not available to them. Through its partners, ICC Australia attempts to fill this gap by providing a range of options for these children and young people.

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