Dolphin Research Institute

Dolphin Research Institute

The Dolphin Research Institute is a non-for-profit organisation providing research, education and marine conservation to the community for over twenty six years.

All Victoria's living marine treasures, especially our dolphins and bays include giant whales, remarkable families of dolphins, seals, and a rich diversity of fish, seabirds and seaweeds -- most are found nowhere else in the world. "They are too precious too lose."

The impacts of the 4.5 million people who live around Port Phillip and Western Port, from stormwater pollution and our use of the bays places these values at risk.

We are a passionate champion for our dolphins, our bays and southern coastal environments.

We deliver this through -

- Research on our dolphins and whales to help protect and ensure their future well being

- Marine education with schools and communities

- Our award winning 'i sea, i care' Ambassador Program which has developed more than 4500 young ambassadors to help become marine leaders

- Pro actively influencing attitudes, policy and environmental management in Victoria

Our marine family is fragile in the face of pollution, human disturbance and a changing climate.

There is no one else like The Dolphin Research Institute and we need your support to do even more.

Help us to protect and value our marine treasures - too precious to lose!


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