Child Wise, a business entity of Save the Children

Child Wise, a business entity of Save the Children

Established in 1991, Child Wise has over 25 years of pioneering experience in keeping children and young people safe from harm, specialising in building the capacity of organisations and communities to prevent, recognise and respond to child abuse. In December 2017, Child Wise became a business entity of Save the Children Australia, joining forces to achieve our vision: a society in which children can grow up free from harm. Anything less is unacceptable.

Every monetary donation and volunteer hour allows us to commit more resources to building awareness, delivering education, and providing the tools to empower individuals and communities around Australia to actively prevent child abuse.

Together we can protect children from harm and ensure they grow up enjoying safe and happy childhoods.


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AUD $5

Help Keep Children Safe From Abuse

With your help Child Wise will continue to educate our community and create a safer environment for children and young people. Read More

AUD $10

Protective Behaviours Book For Children

Educating children about personal safety is essential in helping to keep them safe from abuse. Child Wise collaborated with author Vivien Resofsky ... Read More

AUD $20

Child Safety Training Materials

$20 will go to towards creating essential training materials such as child abuse prevention brochures and workbooks. These are the tools that will ... Read More

AUD $20

Wise Parent Training

$20 will educate 1 parent/carer how to communicate with their child about personal safety and help them recognise safe and unsafe touch, voice thei... Read More

AUD $70

Teach Children Personal Safety

Child Wise delivers ‘Personal Safety’ training to teachers or those working with primary school-aged children, to help them educate children about ... Read More

AUD $150

Research And Advocacy For Child Abuse Pr...

Child Wise understands that research into behavioural and situational influencers, perpetrator profiling, and child abuse prevalence in our communi... Read More