CASPA offers flexible care options for children and young people who have suffered abuse and can no longer live at home. In providing behavioural, educational and social supports we attempt to level the playing field and assist the young people we care for to reach their full potential. We acknowledge past traumas while focusing on positive outcomes by setting achievable goals and empowering the young people.


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Art & Craft Supplies For Art Therapy And...

Art helps our kids express themselves in a safe way. It helps them socialise. It helps give them a sense of worth. No donation is too small to cont... Read More

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Caspa Education Resources

Your donation can help a child or young person by contributing to valuable education resources. Children in Out Of Home Care traditionally find mai... Read More

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Cultural Activities

Kids in care really need to be able to participate in culturally appropriate activities. Your donation will go toward arranging workshops and educa... Read More

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School Holiday Treat

Fancy an ice cream on a hot day? What a treat! It's the simple things that can bring a smile to the face of a child, and your donation helps us... Read More

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Learning Can Be Fun

Donate to buy learning resourses and games than can make education fun. This is good for socialisation and working with peers as well as helpi... Read More

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Tools For Play And Learning

Help us buys some fun toys and games that help our young people explore their creativity. Read More