Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)

The Australian Conservation Foundation is committed to inspiring people to achieve a healthy environment for all Australians. For over 40 years we have been a strong voice for the environment, promoting solutions through research, consultation, education and partnerships. We work with the community, business and government to protect, restore and sustain our environment.


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Shift To Clean Energy And Cut Pollution

100% clean energy. 100% possible. We know how to create this world. We have the technology. Communities across our wide brown land have already sta... Read More

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Speak Out For A Nuclear Free Future

We support a nuclear free future – with no uranium mining, no nuclear power and responsible management of existing radioactive waste and pollution.... Read More

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Stop Adani's Mega Polluting Coal Mine

Right now, Indian company Adani is itching to dig one of the biggest coal mines in the world in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. If it goes ahead, burni... Read More

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Create The Great Forest National Park

Protecting our forests and wildlife for generations to come Stand under one of the tall Mountain Ash trees that cloak Victoria’s central highlands ... Read More