With the help of generous and kind supporters like you, children like Sophie are able to experience the joy and freedom of riding a bike. Many of them would never get this opportunity if it wasn’t for people like you. Can you help other children like Sophie?

Nine-year-old Sophie was born with Down Syndrome and was unable to walk until she was five.

Her Dad Jamie shared with us the challenges and frustrations Sophie had to endure. From walking frames and compression suits to help her move her little muscles.

Sophie’s family thought she would never ride a bike.

“When her little brother Logan was born, he started walking before Sophie and it was heart-breaking to see her little face, you could tell she was feeling left behind,” he shared.

Because of people like you, Sophie received a custom-made bike, specially designed for her needs. She got to ride a bike for the very first time. Her co-ordination, energy and confidence improved immediately.

Every child deserves to ride a bike. With your help, we can give more children like Sophie a custom-built Freedom Wheels bike, designed to their needs to help them ride unassisted.

Can you help give a child with disability the freedom and confidence to ride a bike?


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Orange Newcrest Challenge
AUD $100 raised so far

Orange Newcrest Challenge

in march 2017 i am riding in the orange newcrest challenge to raise money for tad’s freedom wheels. tad’s freedom wheels bikes enable children with disabilities to ride a bike when it was never thought possible. many of these children cannot walk...


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