Sir David Martin Foundation

Sir David Martin Foundation

Each night across Australia, thousands of teenagers and young adults bed down in youth refuges, inner city squats and various public places. For many of these young people, homelessness begins the descent into alcohol and drug abuse, violence, involvement in crime and other behaviours damaging their physical and mental health.

Our goal at the Sir David Martin Foundation, is to get more young people off the streets, away from unhealthy situations and into care and rehabilitation. We fund a range of programs that support young people and assist them in transforming their lives.


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AUD $120

Tools To Start A New Job

Gainful employment is the best way out of disadvantage. Our programs aim to prevent young people from being trapped in the “no home – no job – no h... Read More

AUD $140

Help A Young Person Get Back On Track

Support our award winning Post Release Support Program (PSRP). This 18 week case management program works with teenagers aged 13-18 who are exiting... Read More

AUD $175

Accredited Training For Future Employmen...

Many people from disadvantaged backgrounds have not had access to higher education or accredited training programs, thereby limiting their ability ... Read More

AUD $285

Literacy And Numeracy Schooling

For many of the young people we help, their addictions and mental health issues have interfered with their education. At Triple Care Farm, over hal... Read More

AUD $450

Rebuild Family Relationships

Many young people come to our programs as a result of family breakdown. With a gift of $450, we can house a young person’s family for one week at R... Read More