Red Dust Role Models

Red Dust works together with remote Indigenous communities to enrich lives, improve health and strengthen the future of Indigenous youth and families. For twenty years we have been delivering innovative health promotion programs that encourage Indigenous youth to learn more about health and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle.


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AUD $40

Bush Tucker Excursion

Provide a bush tucker excursion as part of our Red Dust programs in community where adults can share their culture with youth and the program team ... Read More

AUD $50

Sports Workshop

Give the ability for a student to attend an after-school Red Dust sports workshop where they learn new skills, work as a team, have fun and inspire... Read More

AUD $75

Community Role Model Training

Fund a tailored training session for an aspiring community role model so that they can build and practice the skills to support Red Dust program de... Read More

AUD $100

Music Workshop

Give community youth the opportunity to participate in an exciting Red Dust music workshop where they can learn about new instruments, help to writ... Read More

AUD $150

Strong Young Womens/Mens Camp

Provide a teenager or young adult the opportunity to attend our ‘Strong Young’ program where they will be equipped to make good lifestyle choices a... Read More

AUD $300

School Art Class

Let the imagination and creative expression of children run wild with a fun and interactive screen-printing art class. Read More