Rainforest Rescue

Rainforest Rescue

Rainforest Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation that has been protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally since 1998 by providing opportunities for individuals and businesses to Protect Rainforests Forever.

Our projects re-establish rainforests through planting, maintenance and restoration programs, as well as purchasing and protecting high conservation value rainforest and preserving its biodiversity.

Our mission is to inspire, engage and build community for the protection, preservation and restoration of rainforests through fundraising and education.

For information on our conservation projects, or to make a donation, please visit our website at www.rainforestrescue .org.au


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AUD $5

A Metre Of Unprotected Daintree Rainfore...

Your $5 will protect 1 square metre of the spectacular UNPROTECTED Daintree Rainforest. Rainforest Rescue's Daintree Buy Back & Protect For... Read More

AUD $10

Cassowary Trees For Xmas!

Plant 1 tree and help restore vital cassowary habitat! Every $10 will enable Rainforest Rescue to plant and maintain one rainforest tree for two ye... Read More

AUD $20

Two Rainforest Seedlings Climbing Toward...

Plant 2 Daintree Trees! Every $10 will help Joe our Rainforest Rescue Ranger to plant and maintain one rainforest tree in the Daintree ra... Read More

AUD $30

Three Daintree Seedlings Restoring The R...

Three healthy Daintree Trees to Restore Damaged Daintree Rainforest! Every $10 will enable Rainforest Rescue to plant and maintain one rainfor... Read More

AUD $50

Protect Ten Metres Of Unprotected Daintr...

Protect 10sqm of Daintree Rainforest! Over 100 threatened species rely on the Daintree rainforest for survival, including the endangered southern c... Read More

AUD $50

Rainforest Seedling Planted On Your Beha...

The Rainforest Rescue Native Nursery grows up to 20,000 seedlings annually to restore damaged unprotected Daintree Rainforest. We will name and pla... Read More