Lort Smith

As the largest and busiest not-for-profit animal hospital in Australia, Lort Smith aims to become the leading centre of veterinary care excellence in Australia.

We have a talented team of approximately 60 vets and 90 nurses who offer a broad range of high-quality animal health and welfare services. The breadth of our experience is hard to rival.

The Animal Hospital has 11 wards, including an exotic and native wildlife unit. Our Adoption Centre cares for animals undergoing medical treatment and also provides shelter and fostering services for surrendered animals before finding them a new home. Lort Smith’s Community Outreach programs include a 380-strong volunteer program, a Companion Animal Loss Support Group and an extensive Pet Therapy program.

Lort Smith is a not-for-profit organisation that receives no ongoing government funding and relies heavily on generous donations from the public. We have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, meaning all donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

Lort Smith is an iconic institution that has been serving the people and animals of Melbourne and beyond for more than 80 years. We have helped more than one million animals and ensured that quality veterinary care and the opportunity to share in the human–animal bond are accessible to all.


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AUD $5

Feline Fine

Help us coax our shy shelter cats out of their hidey holes with a bag of cat treats.Our animal welfare officers and volunteers provide lots of TLC ... Read More

AUD $5

Pocket Rocket Provisions

Help our pocket pets in the shelter to grow big and strong by providing 10 nutritious meals.Rabbits, ferrets and/or guinea pigs will receive an eve... Read More

AUD $5

Oh Behave

Help us train our shelter dogs with a bag of doggy treats.While waiting for a new home, our animal welfare officers and volunteers spend lots of ti... Read More

AUD $15

I Want My Dinner Meow

Help our shelter cats keep trim, taut and purrific with 10 deliciously healthy meals.Cats as young as 18 months can show signs of dental disease, s... Read More

AUD $20

The Itchy And Scratchy Show Is Over

Help us keep the critters away from our shelter cats with a flea and worm treatment.Having fleas and worms is no fun. Kitty will be miserable and i... Read More

AUD $20

No More Booty Scooting

Help our shelter dogs feel their best with a flea and worm treatment.Save everyone from the embarrassment of a dog scooting past with an itchy rear... Read More