Gunawirra is a not-for-profit, member-based organisation made up of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals and specialists working side by side.

Gunawirra offers projects and programs that encourage young Aboriginal mothers and fathers to avoid the dangers of alcohol, substance abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuse.

* In targeted areas of Sydney inner and outer suburbs Gunawirra provides highly specialised programs that have the immediate purposes of prevention and early intervention for the protection of the infant, child and family unit.

* Gunawirra creates projects, programs, booklets across 30 NSW preschools. It provides training, consultation and emotional support to Aboriginal and non aboriginal preschool teachers and workers in Aboriginal community Areas.


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AUD $5

How Does My Garden Grow Project!!

Growing gardens is so important for each child. This way they meet a fresh vegetable have the fund of watching it grow and actually get to eat and ... Read More

AUD $5

Let's Learn Together!

This can buy us one useful toy for our children to use in their preschool. With $5 we can make a wooden stencil of a totem animal like a Koala or a... Read More

AUD $10

Paint Me Your Story Tell Me Your Story!!

=#333333Buy paints and paper etc for 2 Aboriginal children to paint us their story and then tell us their story. This is how we heal trauma caused ... Read More

AUD $10

Books For Christmas For Aboriginal Presc...

Many Aboriginal preschool children, do not have a book in their home. We want to make books a friendly enjoyable experience for them. Many are trau... Read More

AUD $10

Here Comes The Chef !!

This will buy ingredients for two little Aboriginal children to cook for a day with our own cook in preschool. This is a most important donation. I... Read More

AUD $100

Cooking Classes For Aboriginal Mothers

Cooking and nutrition classes for young Aboriginal mothers allows them to learn vital skills and improve the health of their families. Just $100 pr... Read More