Gunawirra is a not-for-profit, member-based organisation made up of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals and specialists working side by side.

Gunawirra offers projects and programs that encourage young Aboriginal mothers and fathers to avoid the dangers of alcohol, substance abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuse.

* In targeted areas of Sydney inner and outer suburbs Gunawirra provides highly specialised programs that have the immediate purposes of prevention and early intervention for the protection of the infant, child and family unit.

* Gunawirra creates projects, programs, booklets across 30 NSW preschools. It provides training, consultation and emotional support to Aboriginal and non aboriginal preschool teachers and workers in Aboriginal community Areas.


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AUD $100

Sewing Lessons For One Mother For Ten We...

Sewing, quilting and crochet lessons at our Redfern centre allow the mothers to learn important skills whilst also sitting in a group with other mo... Read More

AUD $100

Group Therapy For Mothers And Babies

Group Therapy involves mother and infant. The focus is on mothers being in touch with their infants, learning empowering ways of parenting; and get... Read More

AUD $100

Art Therapy For Aboriginal Children

Art Therapy for Aboriginal children aims to provide healing and support in a creative way for seriously traumatised children in preschool. The town... Read More

AUD $500

Inverell Strong Man Project

This project aims to fund the employment of a male Aboriginal sports teacher to create a physical education program and provide a strong male role ... Read More

AUD $500

Community Gardens For Rural Aboriginal P...

Help the Aboriginal community to create 30 vegetable and bush tucker gardens in Aboriginal country preschools. The gardens link a child’s whole com... Read More

AUD $600

Breakfast For One Child In A Country Pre...

Many preschool children in the country come to school with no breakfast and having had no dinner the night before. We can supply these children wit... Read More