Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community

At Cultivating Community we teach students how to grow their own food, cook their own food, reduce food waste and act sustainable. You can help build a better food future for the next generation.

Within our School Food Garden program and our After School Cooking classes, in both the garden and the kitchen, we facilitate exploration, encourage curiosity and enable students to apply their own learning to a new environment.

Our School Food Gardens program facilitates exploration, encourages curiosity and enables students to create their own learning environment. In After School Cooking the children learn valuable cooking skills, experience and experiment with new foods, share a meal in a broader social environment and in some cases recreate those meals at home with their families.

Cultivating Community is a not for profit organisation working towards an equitable food system that sustains the health and diversity of both our communities and our environment. Our passion for creating a better food future involves activities spanning food systems advocacy and support, urban agriculture, community food centres, school food gardens, food waste management and environmental education. Our mission is to work with diverse and low-income communities to create fair, secure and resilient food systems.



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