Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community is a not for profit organisation working towards an equitable food system that sustains the health and diversity of both our communities and our environment. Our passion for creating a better food future involves activities spanning food systems advocacy and support, urban agriculture, community food centres, school food gardens, food waste management and environmental education. Our mission is to work with diverse and low-income communities to create fair, secure and resilient food systems.

Through our work in Public Housing Community Gardens we provide opportunities for low income and migrant communities to access healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food. Today we support over 700 gardeners to keep their food cultures and traditions alive. Our community gardens are welcoming spaces of cultural sharing and growing together.

Our Community Food Centres and Food System activities bring people together to connect over food. Around the table and in the kitchen we learn new skills, share our knowledge and support our wonderfully diverse cultures. These welcoming, educational spaces not only address individual food insecurity, but foster community to create strong bonds and networks that empower beyond each shared meal.

Within our School Food Garden program and our After School Cooking classes, we create opportunities for kids to learn how to grow and prepare food, reduce food waste and act sustainably. In both the garden and the kitchen, we facilitate exploration, encourage curiosity and enable students to apply their own learning to a new environment.

Cultivating Community are passionate and motivated to grow, learn and share with the community, working together to increase the sustainability of our food and garden programs, while promoting access to healthy, affordable and culturally diverse food.


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Help Bring After School Cooking to Kids in Prahran
AUD $225 raised so far

Help Bring After School Cooking To Kids ...

help bring after school cooking to prahran!! we’re doing it in fitzroy, flemington, collingwood and richmond and now we’re hoping to start up after school cooking in prahran! to get this up and running we need to raise $5000 and we’re asking for ...


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