Conservation Volunteers Australia

Conservation Volunteers Australia

Our Purpose: We strengthen the health of communities and ecosystems for mutual benefit.

Conservation Volunteers makes it easy for people to care for nature by volunteering on one of our many conservation projects across the country. Volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and no prior skills or experience are required, and volunteer projects are available to suit your availability and particular interests.

Together we can make a positive difference to conservation of nature upon which all life depends and is interconnected.

We deliver our purpose through the five campaigns outlined below.

Greener Cities - Reconnecting people with nature in cities and towns

Revive - Reducing threats to sensitive aquatic and coastal environments.

Green Links - Repairing habitats for expansion and movement of native wildlife and plants.

Wild Futures - Helping species and places in special need.

Future Stewards - Sharing our skills, knowledge and passion with learners of all ages.

Your generous donation supports us in mobilising communities of volunteers around Australia to achieve outstanding environmental outcomes. Our expertise in training and managing volunteers turns their efforts into a major force for environmental good. Volunteering also contributes to the overall health and well-being of people that participate in our programs.

Be part of positive environmental change and support the thousands of committed volunteers who dedicate their valuable time and effort every year to making a difference locally, regionally and nation-wide..


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AUD $3

Give A Frog A Home

More than 200 species of frogs call Australia home, and your donation will support us to protect and restore vital native frog habitats including w... Read More

AUD $6

Caring For Coral

Coral reefs are struggling to survive in a changing climate and are facing extra pressures from land-based pollution and marine debris.We are worki... Read More

AUD $7.50

Plant A Tree

From tiny tube stock to towering trees, each native tree – or shrub, grass or vine we plant is selected to best suit the local environments where o... Read More

AUD $10

Koala Care

Koalas are one of the most loved animals in Australia, but they are facing increasing pressures from habitat loss, disease and climate change. Cons... Read More

AUD $10

Greener Cities

Reconnecting people with nature in cities and townsWe all like leafy green spaces – it’s hardwired into our DNA. Sadly, many people, especially chi... Read More

AUD $10

Green Links

Repairing habitats for expansion and movement of native wildlife and plants.Did you know that the home range of a wombat is just under 25ha? Or tha... Read More