ChildFund Australia

ChildFund Australia

ChildFund Australia is an independent and non-religious international development organisation that works to reduce poverty for children in the developing world. We want every child to be able to say: “I am safe. I am educated. I am heard. I can make a difference. I have a future.”

ChildFund Australia implements programs with a range of local partners in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam, and manages projects delivered by partner organisations throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas. Our work is funded through child and community sponsorship, government grants as well as donations from individuals, trusts and foundations, and corporate organisations.

ChildFund Australia is a member of the ChildFund Alliance – a global network of 11 organisations which assists more than 14 million children and families in 63 countries. ChildFund Australia is a registered charity and is fully accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade which manages the Australian Government’s overseas aid program.


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AUD $19

Warm Jacket

The joy of being warm during northern Vietnam’s harsh winters was life-changing for Hoa, who was recently given a snuggly, well-fitting coat from C... Read More

AUD $27

Water Filter

In remote areas, where safe drinking water is difficult to access, these water filters help prevent life-threatening waterborne illnesses. Before s... Read More

AUD $27

A Dozen Chicks

They may be little, but these chicks bring a nutritional and income boost to families. It won’t be long before the chicks are producing eggs to eat. Read More

AUD $28

2 Hygiene Kits

In remote communities where basic hygiene items are often hard to come by, these simple kits can be a life-saver. Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, sha... Read More

AUD $39

10 Fruit Trees

10 mango, banana, guava and orange seedlings will grow into reliable fruit trees, producing a delicious source of vitamins for children in communit... Read More

AUD $40

2 School Bags

What brings Phuong joy? Packing her bag each day. “I can put everything I need in the bag, from books to toys, and carry them to school,” she says ... Read More