Australian Himalayan Foundation

Australian Himalayan Foundation

The Australian Himalayan Foundation is a not for profit aid organisation dedicated to helping the people of the Himalaya achieve their goals - through education, health and environmentally sustainable projects.

While the Himalaya is an area of unsurpassed beauty and grandeur, it is also a harsh and impoverished homeland where for many, basic services and amenities are out of reach.

Our objective is to ensure, where possible, the long term viability of our programs by working with local communities. Our projects in Nepal, India and Bhutan focus on sustainability and empowerment for the people of the Himalaya.


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AUD $10

Save A Child's Life In Ladakh

Child mortality in the remote, mountainous regions of Ladkah in India is unacceptably high. In some villages 1 in every 2 children die before the a... Read More

AUD $20

Books For Schools

High in the Everest region of Nepal, schools are very poorly funded with little in the way of resources. Books are a luxury item for families and s... Read More

AUD $50

Save A Snow Leopard

There are less than 8,000 snow leopards left in the Himalaya. These beautiful endangered animals are under constant threat from habitat encroachmen... Read More

AUD $100

Send A Girl To School

Many girls in remote areas of Nepal and Bhutan do not receive a basic education - instead, from a very young age, their lives are dominated by dome... Read More