Trust for Nature (Victoria)

Trust for Nature (Victoria)

Trust for Nature is a forward thinking and dynamic conservation charity, dedicated to protecting Victoria’s fragile environments, by using legally binding covenants to focus land management on the environment. Victoria’s habitat is under immense pressure from all sorts of threats, resulting in a loss of 98% of Victoria’s native grassland, and a 90% loss of grassy woodlands. The remnants are now on private land and so that’s our focus. We agree conservation covenants with landholders, and so far, that’s more than 38,000 hectares of private land with more than 900 conservation covenants. We then get to work with our stewardship program supporting landowners to achieve our agreed goals. Our Revolving Fund allows us to purchase environmentally significant land and then sell it on, with a new Covenant attached. The money is then reused to buy even more land, a simple, effective idea that has been admired and reproduced by many other conservation organisations.


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Conserve water, plant native

Conserve water, plant native - $20

At a time when water supplies are a major concern and we are losing our natural environment at an ever increasing rate- staggeringly Victoria has j... Read More
Make conservation pay

Make conservation pay - $50

Protecting habitats is not just about protecting one species, it’s about protecting lots of species, all mixed in together. Trust for Nature uses a... Read More
Neds Corner

Neds Corner - $75

Neds Corner is our flagship property, and encompasses everything that makes Trust for Nature so special. A covenanted property, over 30,000 hectare... Read More
Help save the little guys

Help save the little guys - $100

Ever heard of a Growling Grass Frog? Nope, me neither but by helping to save our grasslands you could help save them. And Golden Sun Moths and Orfo... Read More