Trust for Nature (Victoria)

Trust for Nature (Victoria)

Trust for Nature is a not-for-profit organisation that works to protect Victoria's native plants and wildlife in cooperation with private landowners. Our native plants and wildlife provide us with not only important services, such as clean water and resources, but they are important in and of themselves. As two-thirds of Victoria is privately owned, many of these species and their habitats are not currently getting the necessary protection.

The Trust was established under the Victorian Conservation Trust Act 1972 to enable people to contribute permanently to nature conservation by donating land or money. We have since evolved into one of Victoria’s primary land conservation organisations, with several tools to help people protect biodiversity on private land.

In 1978, Trust for Nature developed conservation covenants as a way to protect native plants and wildlife on private land, and we have now protected more than 50,000 hectares through over 1,200 perpetual conservation covenants. We then work with those landowners on active land management to control weeds, pest animals, soil erosion and to improve the land and ensure it is managed sustainably for conservation, in perpetuity.

The Trust has also purchased and preserved more than 55 properties across Victoria through our Revolving Fund, a mechanism which enables us to purchase private properties of high conservation value and match them to those in the community who wish to purchase and protect that land. We also currently own 44 properties, covering over 36,000 hectares of Victoria, and manage those properties in perpetuity.

Conservation protects our native plants and wildlife, and ongoing land management helps them not just survive, but thrive. A gift to Trust for Nature will help ensure this vital work can continue.


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